Ten “Thick” Girl Problems

Dear Fellow “Thick” girls,

I know the struggle is wayyyyy to real to every explain. So I thought we could take a moment and review the every day problems. Let us bow our heads and first have a moment of silence for all the dead jeans, tops, jackets, sweaters, bras, and underwear that have been destroyed in the struggle.


Now what we all came here for, here are 10 “thick” girl problems we have all had at some point;

Ten “Thick” Girl Problems

1.That moment when you have to slide through a row of 5 people just to have a seat and you know your going to knock over everything and anything in your path.

.Can’t bend down in public to tie your shoelace because the world might see all that crack and ass

When speaking to someone and they tell you that you would be even prettier if you lost some weight

4. The question you must ask before purchasing or buying certain materials, ” Will me booty or boobies devour this like the cookie monster devours cookies?”

5.When the shirts roll up and the pants roll down and the rolls just roll out.

6.One size fits all never fits ALL

7.Being confident and comfortable in a pair of pants only for you to sit down and get a rip in the thighs

8. Going bra shopping (especially when your over the DDD size range)

9.When stores say the carry plus sizes and they really carry barley plus sizes

10.  Playing a game of “will this chair hold me?!?!?!?!?” its honestly like the lottery you never know when your going to win.

Even when all this is said and done there is a  simple solutions for “Thick” girl problems.

Solution: Love your body for it’s curves, we all have are imperfections thick or thin, big or trim. We’ve all got “thick” girl problems.

There are enough people out there criticizing and picking at every part of you and trying to make you feel less than worthy, so why join the pity party. Enjoy every curve, every warrior stripes (Stretch Marks), every dimple, every pudge. Anything you want to wear, wear it.
Live your life for you and love it for you. Maybe it’s just me but…..Whatever.


What A Lady….

So as a young woman I have to constantly be tortured with constant pain, swing of emotions, and bleeding until it feels like your going to die. No I’m not talking about becoming a serial killer or being suicidal, I’m talking about this little delightful thing called the “menstrual cycle”. Can’t you just here the sweet sarcasm dripping from my voice, Now I know there are people out there who are probably saying shit like it’s not that bad, you should be used to it by now, you’ll be okay in a few days; I have one phrase for you. Fuck You. Yes I am probably cursing at you because my PMS is on level sixty two but I don’t give a damn. Why is it that when I have come to this time of the month that people decide to disturb my inner being the most. Yes I am being selfish and I am perfectly fine with being just that at the moment, but it just feels like people, especially the ones closest to you are always the first and the last ones to disturb your shit. Or maybe I’m just overly angry this delightful afternoon while the sun is shining so lovely outside and there is not a cloud in sight. Where everyone woman and child walk around with a smile on their faces with not a care in the world. Once again isn’t sarcasm the greatest gift on earth. Maybe It’s Just me but………….Whatever.